Emails that look amazing—no code required.

Meet the drag-n-drop html email builder for SaaS applications: create beautiful HTML emails with our white labeled editor. No coding required.

What's in the box?

SaasEB (pronounced "sassy-b", short for Saas Email Builder) is a WYSIWYG email editor intended to be integrated into your application.

You get a full-featured HTML email builder with customization options so it looks and feels like your application.


  • White-labeled so it looks and feels like your app

  • Generate rich HTML emails that displays responsively for a great experience on mobile and desktop

  • Supports major email clients

  • Re-useable template blocks so you can quickly and easily build consistent emails

  • Full control over the storage tier so the data stays on your servers

  • Unlimited users

  • Unlimited emails

Who's this for?

Are you building a product that generates emails?
Then SaasEB is for you.

SaaS Applications

Does your development team spend a lot of time fidgeting with HTML emails? Allow your internal stakeholders or your end users to modify emails without development hours.

Multi-Tenant Applications

Allow each tenant to easily customize the emails generated by your application.

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